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Only 20% of the population actually set goals for themselves?

4 in 5 people never even take the time to sit down and consider what they want their life to look like, let alone take action and make it happen.

Which means a majority of people are living their lives on autopilot.

For a society that preaches day & night about The American Dream and working for what we deserve, we don’t act like it.

We eat what makes us fat, drink what makes us sick, and scroll mindlessly through social media, wasting time—we’re aimless, complacent, and scared. 

Scared of what others might think of us and our dreams.

Or maybe we’re afraid that we won’t measure up to the expectations of our families, friends, or loved ones. 

Even people who ARE setting goals are affected by the judgment of others.

Because even though 1 in 5 of us are setting goals, only a fraction have any follow-through:

“A University of Scranton study showed that 92% of people who set a New Years’ Resolution never actually achieve their goal.”


Remember, that 8% is a fraction of the people who are setting goals. 

THAT is all that’s left of those actually achieving anything. Even if it’s as simple as showing up to the gym three days a week, at least it’s something. 

But why is it so hard?

Why are so many people not setting goals? And for those trying, why is it so hard to accomplish them? 

3 Reasons People Don’t Follow Through On What They Want

Most people may have a goal in mind, but in reality, it’s more of just a thought: a goal in progress. 

See, a lot of the times when people come to me for help, it hasn’t been fully flushed out.

Sure, they may have an end goal in mind: a better body, a trip they want to take, an amount of money they want to make, but there’s nothing about that singular idea that can give you any direction on where to start.

Ah, what’s “expected” of me.

Powerful but not in the way you’d think. First of all, whose expectations are you trying to live up to? 

Is it the expectation of your parents? Your peers? Society? Where do these “expectations” come from, to begin with? 

You likely absorbed something in passing as a kid or a young adult, a way of life that you’re “supposed” to live.

Well, at least this one is honest. 

I think we can all agree that “failure” isn’t exactly comfortable. 

In society, we’ve equated failure to weakness. As if once you fail, it’s game over. No redemption. No second chances. Nothing.  

And if you show that you’ve failed, all of a sudden, that makes you less than everyone else who’s succeeding. 

At that point, watching them is no longer inspiration, it’s anxiety: a constant reminder that you’re not doing enough.  

Living An Unfulfilled Life Sucks.

Whether you’ve got goals that are unclear, you’re living a life of “expectation,” or you’re simply afraid of failing, the only thing in the way of your goals, and your happiness, is you.

Not only is that a harsh truth, but it’s not the negative experience you think it is. 

In fact, it’s an empowering one.

Because accepting that as truth puts all the power in your hands: allowing you to shape your life in whatever way you want it to look.

And I’ll admit, at first it sucks. It REALLY fucking sucks—but it only gets better from that point.  

I know this because I’ve lived it.

Hi, I'm Josh Painter

I’m an Actionable Achievement Coach and Author of “Best Version Ever: Discover The MAGIC of Becoming Extraordinary.”

And while I’ve made a name for myself helping real estate agents achieve at the highest level, everything you’ll learn about goal setting here doesn’t just apply to business owners or entrepreneurs—it applies to all walks of life. 

It doesn’t matter if you own a business, work a 9-5, hell, you don’t even have to be working for my framework to help you transform your life like it did mine. 

Every year, I’m asked to teach the system I use to create and crush goals. 

And every year I get to hear all about the amazing success people have had with it.

Hi, I'm Josh Painter

I’m an Actionable Achievement Coach and Author of “Best Version Ever: Discover The MAGIC of Becoming Extraordinary.”

And while I’ve made a name for myself helping real estate agents achieve at the highest level, everything you’ll learn about goal setting here doesn’t just apply to business owners or entrepreneurs—it applies to all walks of life. 

It doesn’t matter if you own a business, work a 9-5, hell, you don’t even have to be working for my framework to help you transform your life like it did mine. 

Every year, I’m asked to teach the system I use to create and crush goals. 

And every year I get to hear all about the amazing success people have had with it.

Back in 2008, in the midst of one of the largest financial meltdowns we’ve ever witnessed, my own life was crumbling at the base.

I lost my house to foreclosure, I filed for bankruptcy, and to complete the trifecta of bad credit, I was in the midst of a painful divorce. 

Not only was I barely scraping by as a mortgage loan officer, I was borrowing money from my parents to keep me and my kids in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment. 

I didn’t just hit rock bottom—it was as low as I could possibly get.

And even though I had every opportunity to throw in the towel, something my mentor said stuck with me:

“There will always be people who need to buy a house and people who need to sell a house. That will never change.”

There were people out there every single day making deals, closing on houses, apartments, condos; what made me any different?

Why couldn’t that be me?

A surge of positivity kicked my ass into gear and I decided to pivot.

I went to the nearest real estate brokerage to sign up as an agent. I was DEDICATED to sell a house if it was the last thing I’d do—and that’s what I did.

Focusing on what I had control over, my time and my effort, I set out to put together a plan that would insure my success.

40 hours a week. That was how it started.

I hosted open houses.

I published online ads.

I mailed letters to everyone I knew.

I dropped off flyers at every apartment building in sight.

Within 3 months I’d sold a handful of houses, caught up on rent, and even was able to pay back my parents the $12,000 they’d given me when I was struggling. 

It might not have been easy, but it was simple. 

All I needed was an end goal, an easy to follow step-by-step plan, and a shift in mindset.

See, even when the circumstances feel stacked against us, as humans, we always find a way to persevere. 

Because it’s our life’s purpose to become the best version of ourselves—even if it’s just 1% better each day.

And it all starts with a goal.

Best Version Ever Live is about practical goal setting.

It’s about recognizing how much power you have, but doing it in such a way that you’re not paralyzed when you go to take action. 

It’s about bringing out the part that’s always wanted to shine through.


We’re going to talk about the variables in your control, the variables you don’t control, and how to navigate them so you’re not stuck in the same place a year from now.

After that, I’ll show you how to:

Build out a properly paced roadmap with a realistic timeline to take manageable steps to achieving.

Take action IN THE ROOM to jumpstart your momentum.

And ingratiate yourself into a community of goal-setting baddassess so we can continue the momentum long after you’ve left the event.

My system differs from your average goal setting

It’s more than the standard New Years declaration made on December 31st and abandoned by January 3rd. 

And it’s more practical and less esoteric than the information thrown out there at personal development conferences.

Believe it or not, a past version of me was a “personal development junkie.” 

When I started to see some success with achieving my goals, I set out to study the world’s best goal achievers and dial in my own process…

…or so I thought. 

I joined every mastermind group I could.

I posted up at conferences rigorously taking pages of notes.

I even took my team to a Tony Robbins event where we all walked across the burning coals in the parking lot at 1 a.m.

And while I walked away with some good information, that’s all it was, information—nothing that was actually actionable.

You’re motivated for a day or two, living off the high of the weekend.

Maybe you get some things crossed off your list here and there. Maybe you feel a little more accomplished than you did before.

But eventually, almost inevitably, you fall back into your same routines, waiting for the next event to create motivation.

No plan of action. No real community to fall back on unless you joined the incredibly pricey “inner circle.”

And even when you do, it still doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere because there’s no accountability, no momentum (more on that later).

After one especially disappointing weekend at one of these events, I came back home with nothing more to show than lost time and some notes I did absolutely nothing with.

Disheartened and dejected that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I refused to give up.

This was motivation to do something better, so I continued forward with that positive mindset I had developed even at my lowest point back in 2008.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a process that was missing from every single event I’d attended.

After months of organizing my thoughts and putting down a process, I invited over a group of friends who felt the same struggles as I had.

Feeling the butterflies fill my stomach paired with a shaky cold sweat starting to develop, I put on a day long workshop that would take them from “far off dream in the distance” to “success just within reach.”

There were massive goals set. 

There were deep, vulnerable conversations.

There was laughter. 

There were tears. 

There were long, loving hugs.

Most importantly, there was safety to express without judgment, and encouragement for action to be taken right then and there. 

Despite the nerves in my body, based on all the feedback at the end, I’d discovered a winning formula. 

The perfect structure to effectively and efficiently achieve any goal.

That alone was exciting, but the real magic happened months later when messages started coming in from members in that first group:

“I lost 15 pounds!”

“I bought my first house this year!”

“I doubled my income and crushed my sales goal!”

“I raced motocross for the first time in years, and won!”

To this day, nothing I have ever done has had the same impact on me or those around me as our goal planning sessions.

And since that day, it’s been a crucial component of Best Version Ever Live.

December 3rd in San Diego, CA

It All Starts With Momentum.

That first event was successful because there was a winning formula. 

Of course, that played a big role in everyone hitting their targets. 

But what really solidified that was getting started right then and there.

See, most of the events people go to build you up the whole weekend. They tell you that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. That you’re capable of achieving even at times you might think otherwise.  

And that’s true, you can—but that’s not the issue. 

The issue is that your brain has been conditioned to operate in a certain way after years (probably DECADES) of doing the same thing over and over again. 

These patterns are hard to break, especially on your own. 

Which is why when we come together at Best Version Ever we do what all the other events are missing: we show you how you’re capable of achieving greatness and help you experience the feeling.

When you can take action in the room with us, you create momentum that will carry you from one action into the next.

That’s all we want, just enough motivation to get you to the next step. 

And the next. And the next. 

And before you even get the chance to process what happened, you’re already at your goal.

Instead of making it this big outlandish idea, you break it down into something much smaller and attainable—which is EXACTLY how all of the greatest achievers do it. 

And you know what that means?

You’re capable of becoming a great achiever too.

December 3rd in San Diego, CA

If the only thing you get out of this event is taking that first step with us in San Diego, the ticket would’ve already paid for itself.

See, to join us for the day is only $497—that’s it.

No VIP price to get more time with me.

No “goody bags” to sweeten the deal.

You don’t need any of that because that’s not what you’re coming for.

You want to get clear on your goals and how to achieve them, right?

Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

This is what you’re getting for the price of your seat at Best Version Ever:

Clarity around what you want in the six key areas so you can have an image of what you want your life to look like.

My flawless framework for setting any goal and creating an easy process without anxiety or overwhelm.

An opportunity to dig deep into your psyche and overcome limiting beliefs that have held you back from what you want.

An actual roadmap to setting extraordinary goals that’s easy to follow and ACTIONABLE.

A guarantee that you’ll take the first step towards whatever goal you decide is first on your list.

Access to the full goal setting event with the recording to look back on when you go home.

Access to the Best Version Ever Community where you’ll keep the momentum and motivation going so you actually achieve after you leave the room.

The best thing I can do as an Actionable Achievement Coach is give you the opportunity to succeed. 

Sure, I can give you tips and tricks all day long but if you act on none of them, it’s useless information sitting in your brain. 

And for what? So you can say you know how to achieve goals? 

No. That’s pointless. There’s no achievement without action.

And right now, there’s only one action you need to take:

Get your ticket for Best Version Ever on December 3rd

December 3rd in San Diego, CA

Still On The Fence About Attending?

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December 3rd in San Diego, CA


The Best Version Ever is taking place on December 3rd, 2022 at San Diego, CA. There will be a catered lunch included along with some snacks and drinks throughout the day.

2592 Laning Road, San Diego, California 92106

I mean, you can definitely do this by yourself, no one is stopping you. Just go out and buy my book Best Version Ever and you can certainly start trying to piece it all together on your own. 

But before you do that, tell me something: Up until this point, how has doing it on your own been working out? 

If it’s been going great, then sure, maybe this isn’t the event for you.

But if you answered anything less than “great,” then you need to show up to this event. 

If you aren’t already achieving your goals and you’re not sure why, then you likely need a framework that can show you the step by step process. 

You need the accountability that’s only created by being there in person. 

And you need the community holding you up so you can push through and do what’s necessary to get what you want in life.

Not at all! This event is for anyone who has a goal, dream, or desire. 

My framework is meant to work for any walk of life. You don’t need to have a business. You don’t need a product. You don’t need to offer a service. 

You just need an open mind and something worth reaching for. 

And if you have that, I’m going to show you how simple it is to get it once you put in the work. 

What’s different is what you’re leaving with. Most events leave you with notes and hopes that life will change when you get back home. 

When you leave Best Version Ever, there’s no hoping things will change…they will because you’re holding the roadmap to that change. 

Is it guaranteed that you’ll achieve what you set out to? No, because it’s ultimately up to you to follow your own gameplan. 

But I can guarantee that you’ll be locked into a community of people who will continue to push you even when you don’t want to take that next step. And once you do? You’ll want to take another.

And another. 

And once you finally get a taste of success? You’ll get addicted to achievement like me and so many others have after this event. 

Listen, the book is great and it’ll serve so many people who can take that information and simply run with it. 

Some will actually do something with it, others will use it as another addition to their personal development library, and there are a few who simply won’t read it at all because they’re too busy chasing motivation to take action on anything. 

The difference between the Best Version Ever book and the event is simple: accountability.

You’re GUARANTEED to take action when you come to the event because I’ll be there in the room to make sure of it.

Absolutely, bring your partner/spouse/friends with you. If you buy one (1) ticket, the second will be 50% off. 

(And if you bring more than one person with you, every other ticket will be 50% off.)

Physically? You’re walking away with an actionable roadmap. A booklet full of reminders of what you want, what you’re capable of, and how to do it. 

Mentally? You’re walking away with a shift in mindset. You’re walking away with a new perspective and the ability to take new action in your life that reflects how YOU want your world to look like.

You’re walking away with the first step already taken and the knowledge that it’s only a series of small steps before you achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Yes, we’ll be recording the whole day for people who want to go back and watch the event after they’ve already come. 

I’m still considering whether or not I’ll release that recording to people who weren’t in the room but I’ll let you know after the event is done whether or not we’ll do that. 

Just send an email to and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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